Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Spring hasn't sprung yet

Last week I wanted to get outside and take some pictures of my spring bulbs which had just decided that it was safe enough to poke their little heads out of the ground. I was a little premature and before I could grab my camera and head outside, Mother Nature decided that we needed another six inches of snow. It appears to be thawing a little now (I'll say that quietly so MN doesn't overhear), and this afternoon we headed out with our neighbors for a walk. We even saw the sun!

Remember all of my grand quilting plans from my last post? They were put on hold for a much more important task - pattern testing! Dawn from Olabelhe kindly asked if I would be willing to test one of her new patterns and I jumped at the opportunity. The results are over on her blog If you need a pattern for a special Easter dress, this will be it! As for those quilts, I've completely lost momentum and now have a pile of semi-assembled blocks which are staring at me as I type. Does anyone have a pattern that needs testing?!

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